A great cover will entice a reader to pick up your book and read it. The cover is the first impression of your book, a visual depiction of the contents inside, and an indication of the genre.

You want your book cover to make a lasting, positive impression and stand out from the competition. For a professional, high-quality, great-looking cover that best represents your book, it’s important to work with a professional book-cover designer. Everyone judges books by their covers.

While the cover will get you noticed by readers, the interior layout will enhance its readability.
A well-designed interior layout takes into account typeface, font size, and spacing to improve readability. There is consistent formatting across headings, subheadings, and body text, and images integrate well on the page.

A professional book designer ensures the layout of the cover and the inside of the book meet all the formatting specifications required by the various ebook and print-on-demand distributors.

Custom Cover Design

Custom Cover Design & Interior Layout Service

Tellwell’s publishing packages include our custom cover design and interior layout services.

Custom Cover Design

Tellwell’s custom cover design service will include a member of our experienced and talented design team creating a cover using your input and vision. The designer will create a full-cover layout that includes the front cover, spine, and back cover. Two revision rounds are included to incorporate your feedback.

Interior Layout

The layout of a book affects its readability. Our designers will lay out the book’s interior ensuring consistent styling across chapters, appropriate spacing, font type, and text size. We will format the book to meet the requirements of various book distributors.

Illustrated Covers

One of Tellwell’s illustrators will create a custom illustration for your book cover. The original piece of artwork will be based on the description you provide for your cover design.

Custom cover illustrations are recommended for authors with complex, unique ideas that cannot be achieved through sophisticated photo manipulation and graphic design. Illustrated covers can also work well for particular genres where an illustrated aesthetic is desirable.

Premium Cover Design

We will create not one but three custom book covers for you to choose from. This allows you to see three unique concept interpretations to choose from and then refine. You first outline your vision and expectations, and our designers translate it into three exciting cover drafts. Two revision rounds are included to finalize the design. You will also have the opportunity to book a complimentary cover design consultation to further refine your vision before work begins.

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Cover-Design Consultation

You speak directly with your designer to discuss your vision, ask questions, and receive in-depth guidance and advice on your cover, as well as trends in their genre. The cover-design consultation works well for authors who want to communicate with their designer to clarify their goals and vision for the cover, and receive insight into popular themes and industry direction in their book’s genre. It’s also an opportunity for the designer to advise you on color, graphics, typography, and themes that will best match your vision.

Why it’s important to work with a professional book designer

Why trust Tellwell to design your book?

Tellwell’s experienced team of talented designers use their wizardry to massage your vision into a professional product that will make you proud. Our designers have years of professional book design experience, are experts in photo manipulation, illustration, typography, layout, and are highly skilled in using Adobe Suite software.

Our designers stay up to date on industry trends to ensure the final product not only meets your vision, but reflects current design currents in your book’s genre.

Read what our authors have to say about Tellwell’s design services.



First, we will send you a detailed cover design questionnaire where you will outline your vision for the design. After you submit your questionnaire, one of our book designers will create an original design by combining stock images, symbols, and font styles to create an attractive and cohesive book cover that meets your vision, while keeping with the current design trends in your book’s genre.

This process includes sophisticated photo manipulation, usually combining multiple images with effective fonts, resulting in eye-catching and unique covers!

Your project manager will be your point of contact throughout the design and revision process, managing communications between you and the designer. If you would like to consult directly with a designer about your cover, we offer a cover-design consultation as part of our premium cover-design service.

Two revision rounds are included in both the custom-cover design and interior-design layout services. You also have the option of purchasing extra revision rounds if needed.

Some authors will choose to provide their own cover design. That’s no problem! We will need the images in the design to be a minimum of 300dpi resolution and in the CMYK color profile to match our distributor’s requirements. The cover file must also be sized to match the book’s trim size. For more information, click here.


All Tellwell books are designed to meet the print specifications offered by the print-on-demand distribution channels included in your publishing package. Nearly all industry-standard sizes and paper types are available, with some limitations. 

Print-on-demand distributors do not offer the option of printing certain pages in different ink types. This means if there is a single page in color, then the entire interior must be considered color. If the content of your book does not rely on color images, we suggest choosing a black and white 50lb option (creme or white). The front and back cover of your book will be in full color, regardless of whether the interior is in full color or black or white. 


When choosing a paper type, it’s important to consider the style of book, the quality required, and the potential print cost. Higher quality results in higher print costs and retail prices. 


For fiction books, we recommend 50lb creme paper with black and white ink for books without color images.

For non-fiction books, we recommend 50lb white paper with black and white ink.

For illustrated children’s books, we recommend 70lb white paper with premium color ink. 


Our team will offer guidance in choosing a suitable size and paper type for your book! 

We offer both matte and gloss finishes for book covers. The finish, or lamination, plays an important part in the look and feel of reading a book.

The matte option is a popular choice for books sized between 5×8 and 6×9. It offers a textured, velvety feel and is often described as elegant. Matte covers are a trendy choice at the moment, but there are some drawbacks. The less reflective cover can produce colors that are muted, and it is susceptible to stains and spills.

Children’s books and cookbooks can benefit from a gloss cover, as the slick surface is easier to wipe clean of fingerprints and spills. A gloss laminate produces a cover with deeper, richer colors and the imagery can appear sharper, but scuffs and scratches can be more visible. 

Generally speaking, no. While the dust jacket option is available in hardcover binding with limited trim size and paper type options, the print-on-demand distributors that will make your book available for purchase through online retailers do not offer the option of printing paperbacks with side flaps. However, if you are interested in placing a custom bulk order of books, some of our print partners do have the option of printing paperbacks with cover side flaps.

Many of the barriers to publishing a book have crumbled in the last ten years. But one barrier has not disappeared, rather it has become even worse — competition.

A well-designed book is an incredibly important way to stand out from the competition. People judge books by their covers. Readers, book reviewers, critics, whether or not they notice your book in the first place may depend on the quality of your cover.

People who design and test advertisements know that different designs can have dramatic, measurable impact on results. The same is true of book covers. There are many cases where a change in cover design has resulted in significant increases in sales volumes.

The layout of the book also affects its readability. An impressive book design can help an author feel a great deal of excitement about his or her book. This sense of pride and excitement is critical when it comes time to promote the book.

A professional designer ensures the layout of the cover and the inside of the book meets all of the formatting requirements required by the various ebook and print-on-demand distribution channels.

Premium Cover Design ($599)

With the Premium Cover Design service, one of Tellwell’s expert book designers will create three custom cover designs to choose from. Guided by their Project Manager and helpful resources, authors will express their vision and expectations for the cover design, then sit back and let one of our talented designers translate that vision into three different exciting draft concepts to choose from. As with our standard cover design service, there will be two revision rounds included to finalize the author’s chosen design. The author will also have the opportunity to book an optional cover design consultation to further refine their vision before work begins on the three cover design options.

All Tellwell covers start with one of our book designers creating an original design by combining evocative imagery and font styles to create an attractive and cohesive book cover that meets the author’s personal vision, while keeping with current design trends in a book’s specific genre. The Premium Cover Design service takes some of the guesswork out of this process, allowing the author to actually see the different ways a professional designer might create a concept to visually represent the book, choose their favourite of these concepts, and refine the design.

Premium Cover Design is only available with the purchase of a publishing package.


Illustrations and text work together to tell a great story. Visual art draws the reader in and brings the story to life. Our experienced illustrators have created art across different genres from juvenile to cartoon to sci-fi and fantasy. They listen to the author’s vision, and commit to delivering art that best tells their story.