At Tellwell, we work hard to provide you the best services for every step of the publishing process. Editing services are included in some of the publishing packages, and can also be purchased à la carte.Below, you’ll find descriptions of our services for:

Has your manuscript been professionally edited?

Editing puts a polish on your manuscript. It makes the writing more crisp, clear and concise. A good edit is also about avoiding embarrassment when you are promoting your book and readers comment on all the typos they found. Even the best writers in the world have their manuscripts edited several times.

Editing can be aimed at improving the overall structure and quality of the manuscript, or it can be that extra set of eyes to catch typos and the odd sloppy sentence. There are different types of editing depending on what your manuscript needs including:

  1.  Editorial Evaluations
  2.  Substantive Edit
  3.  Copy Editing
  4.  Proofreading

Editorial Evaluation ($500)

An editorial evaluation will help you if you have questions like: Is my manuscript worth publishing? Is it a quality manuscript? Does it need a major overhaul or is it ready for publishing after a basic proofread?

An editorial evaluation entails a professional editor reading your manuscript from start to finish without making any changes. Once they have reviewed your manuscript they will write a short report, often three to ten pages, outlining the strengths and weaknesses and assessing what could be accomplished with further revisions.

Editorial evaluation is $500 for manuscripts up to 75, 000 words and 0.7¢ per additional word thereafter.

Substantive Editing (3.9¢ / word)

A substantive edit includes one round of content editing and one round of copy editing.

A content edit looks at the overall quality of your manuscript and how it can be improved. It will address issues related to pacing, structure, theme and overall effectiveness of the story. For example, is the story engaging and suspenseful? Are the characters well developed? Are there sections that are slow, dry, or duplicating previous sections and can be deleted? Is dialogue or, in the case of nonfiction, are anecdotes used effectively? Is the manuscript structured and ordered in the best possible way?

A copy edit fixes grammatical and spelling errors and cleans up awkward sentence structure.

Our editors have a keen eye for storytelling. They will read through your manuscript and make line by line changes and suggestions on how to improve the story.

The notes are made using the “track-changes” feature of Microsoft Word, which allows you to review the comments and to either accept or reject each change to the manuscript. At the end of the day, you as the author get the final say on every change.

As with any piece of writing, there are opportunities to make it stronger. Sometimes it takes another set of eyes to really find the weak points and patch them up.

Copy Editing (2¢ / word)

Copy editing catches any grammar and spelling mistakes, repairs broken syntax and sentence structure, and ensures your manuscript adheres to a clear and consistent style.

Proofreading (1.3¢ / word)

A proofread is a final set of eyes to catch typos and minor grammatical errors that made it through the copy edit. If perfection is important to you, then an extra set of eyes via a copy edit is not enough — you need yet another set of eyes.

A proofread may occur after the design process but before the files are converted into print-ready and ebook formats ready for distribution.


Many of the barriers to publishing a book have crumbled in the last ten years. But one barrier has not disappeared, rather it has become even worse — competition.

A well-designed book is an incredibly important way to stand out from the competition. People judge books by their covers. Readers, book reviewers, critics, whether or not they notice your book in the first place may depend on the quality of your cover.

People who design and test advertisements know that different designs can have dramatic, measurable impact on results. The same is true of book covers. There are many cases where a change in cover design has resulted in significant increases in sales volumes.

The layout of the book also affects its readability. An impressive book design can help an author feel a great deal of excitement about his or her book. This sense of pride and excitement is critical when it comes time to promote the book.

A professional designer ensures the layout of the cover and the inside of the book meets all of the formatting requirements required by the various ebook and print-on-demand distribution channels.


Illustrations and text work together to tell a great story. Visual art draws the reader in and brings the story to life. Our experienced illustrators have created art across different genres from juvenile to cartoon to sci-fi and fantasy. They listen to the author’s vision, and commit to delivering art that best tells their story.

Check out illustration samples by our talented artists here!

For more information about design options and a quote specific to your book project, please request a free proposal using the form.


Book distribution refers to the process of making your book available to the public. This can include publishing your book in paperback, hard cover, and/or as an eBook, and making the book available to retail channels where people typically go to buy books.

Distribution also includes the process of printing and fulfilling orders, collecting payment, and shipping the books to customers or booksellers who act as middlemen.

Distribution has changed dramatically in the past 20 years. For print books, it is now possible to make your book available to over 30,000 booksellers without spending any cash up front on printing, storage and fulfillment.

Print on Demand systems allow the print edition of your book to be listed for sale with major online retailers like, and Brick and mortar bookstores will also be able to easily order your book through their distributors.

For eBooks, there are no major barriers to having your book published alongside bestselling authors. A handful of eBook formats dominate the marketplace, including:

  • The Kindle (
  • The Kobo (Chapters-Indigo), which is especially popular in Canada
  • The Nook (Barnes and Noble)
  • Apple iTunes ebooks

The most effective strategy is to make your book available in all of the above formats as well as soft cover and hard cover. This ensures that your book is available to the broadest possible audience in the format they prefer.


Every time a bookstore buys your book for resale, or people buy your book from an online retailer like, you earn a royalty. In assisted self-publishing, you earn much, much higher royalties than in traditional publishing.

We offer two main streams of distribution, Managed Distribution and Direct Distribution.

The Direct Distribution route can be great for someone who really wants to be able to take control of his or her own distribution. This option gives you control of managing all of your different accounts so you can log in to each individual account and make changes whenever you feel the need! This option puts you in the drivers seat, offering100% royalties.

The second option, Managed Distribution, is just as exciting. This more assisted option puts a great level of the work on Tellwell, instead of you. This can be a great option for authors who do not have the time to manage multiple accounts and keep up with the agreements of all of the different accounts. Instead, Tellwell will set your book up for distribution with all of the important channels for you. Instead of managing lots of accounts, you just have your Tellwell account where we will consolidate information for you, and make it all easily accessible in one place. This option lets you sit back and relax with 85% royalties.

Here’s a summary of how we compare to the five companies that represent 85% of self-published books. Tellwell offers the best deal for authors in the broadest range of distribution options.

Publishing Feature* Tellwell Author Solutions Lulu Smashwords Createspace IngramSpark
Max POD Royalty via major retailers** 70% 10%*** 50% X 40-60% 70%
Kindle royalty 70% 35% 63% X X 40%
Kobo royalty (Chapters) 70% 35% 63% 60% X 40%
Nook royalty (Barnes and Noble) 60% 35% 58.5% 60% X 40%
iBooks royalty 60% 35% 63% 60% X 40%

Giving authors 85-100% of the net sales revenues means we are neutral when it comes to distribution. We often work with two of the above companies (IngramSpark and CreateSpace) for part of the solution for our clients, taking advantage of the best aspect of each, but we use other options where these companies fall short.

Providing wholesalers with a 55% discount is the norm if you want to have a chance of getting bookstores to stock your book, however, for most books we publish you can choose between the following discount options:

  • 55 %
  • 40 %
  • 30 %

If you want to focus your sales strategy on online channels like, you can set the discount at 30% instead of 55%. Thus for a book that costs $3 to print and is priced at $20, if the seller takes 30% ($6) then you as the author would be left with the other 70% ($14), minus the $3 cost of printing. Your profit would be $11 per sale.


We partner with printers located within Canada, and around the world. We have options for printing anywhere from 1 book, to thousands at economical pricing.

For books being distributed you will need to know your print-on-demand cost, this is the cost the distributor charges to print and fulfill orders from the retailers, it is ‘free’ in the sense it doesn’t require cash upfront as the customer pays for the printing and fulfillment in the retail price they pay when purchasing your book.

At Tellwell, we are transparent about the print-on-demand cost, so that you can choose your suggested retail price with that in mind! To take a look at some print-on-demand costs, and the associated royalties click here:


Distribution and marketing are two aspects of book promotion, but they are not the same thing. Once your book is available in popular sales channels like and to 39,000 book sellers, it’s time to work on getting the word out. People need to hear about your book through traditional and new media, book reviewers, bloggers and social media.

Effectively marketing a book starts with knowing the target audience, the competition, the purpose of your book and what makes it unique. Book promotion strategies can include focusing on getting the attention of traditional and new media by sending a press release and following up with a phone call. Non-fiction books, in particular, may have a chance to receive publicity in traditional print or broadcast media, if the topic is relevant or author can speak as an expert on a subject.

Getting book reviews is also important whether it’s in a newspaper, blog, YouTube channel or on Goodreads and This can be done by connecting with reviewers individually, sending a book release, mailing samples or emailing an electronic version of the book.

Building a strong online presence establishes credibility and allows you to connect with readers and promote your book. That means creating an author website and being active on social media.

Authors can have great success holding book readings and signings, doing a book tour or launch event. Speaking at conferences/festivals and sitting on panels can also be a great way to spread the word.

Authors can spend years writing a book. The more time and energy spent promoting it, the greater the book’s chance of success.

Tellwell offers a variety of book promotion services, available a la carte, to help you as little or as much as you need.

Book Marketing Consultation & Strategy ($500.00)

First, we’ll send you a 20-page marketing guide that reviews important components of book marketing including identifying a target market and sales pitch, establishing an online author platform, and ways to connect with your markets. In the one-hour consultation that follows, we’ll cover the key components of marketing a book, take a look at your priorities and where you are at in the process. We’ll write a 5-page marketing strategy personalized to your needs. It will include a targeted media list of at least 5 related contacts to get you started.

Book Marketing Follow Up ($250.00)

Once you’ve had a chance to read through the information in your marketing strategy, your marketing consultant will provide a 30-60 minute follow up consultation to answer any questions and discuss next steps to execute your marketing plan. The follow up will include a one-page summary to help you move forward with your marketing efforts. The service can be completed at any time after the Book Marketing Consultation – whether it be a week later or six-months post-publication.

Book Backgrounder ($250.00)

We’ll create a 2-page document to showcase the book to your audience. The backgrounder would include a 3D image of the book cover, the book synopsis, print details, your headshot, and your author biography on the first page. The second page could be an excerpt from the book, some poignant reviews, quick facts about the book and its purpose, or highlights of your marketing plan. This is a great resource to use when contacting bookstores, book reviewers and other relevant contacts.

Author Website ($500.00 Basic, $1000.00 Advanced)

An author website is a central hub to share information about yourself, your book, upcoming events and news coverage. It is also an essential promotional tool. Tellwell offers both basic website setup – for the author looking to increase their online footprint, and a more advanced option – for the author wanting to use it as an engagement platform.

Here are some examples of each:

Basic Advanced

In both options, we’ll purchase the domain name, set up the website with pages about you and your book, choose a suitable design and host it for one year. Please click here to see the features for each of the options, to determine which service is best for you.

Tellwell’s Basic and Advanced Website Features

  Basic Advanced
Purchase of Custom Domain checkmark checkmark
1-year website hosting

checkmark checkmark
Standard Pages:

  • About the Book
  • About the Author
  • Contact
checkmark checkmark
Custom Pages:

  • News
  • Events
  • Reviews
  •  Resources
  • Blog
1 custom page Up to 5 custom pages
  •  Images
checkmark checkmark
Fillable Contact Form checkmark checkmark
Social Media Follow Icons checkmark checkmark
Social Media Sharing Icons checkmark checkmark
Links to Online Retailers

checkmark checkmark
Additional Features:

  • Website analytics
  •  Image Gallery
  • Social Media Feed
  • Event Registration
  •  E-newsletter configuration
  •  Online website sales
x Up to 4 additional features
  • Revisions Rounds
1 2
Written instructions on how to use your website checkmark checkmark
Instructional website walk-through (via phone) x Optional

Social Media Startup ($500.00)

The Marketing Consultant will set up profiles/pages for the author on 1-2 of the following social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Goodreads, or Amazon Central.

Once the accounts have been activated and populated with basic information (including contact details, profile images, and details about the book where applicable) the Marketing Consultant will devote 3 hours to coaching the author on how to maximize their usage of the platform.

This service is ideal for authors who have yet to establish a social media presence. However, it can be tailored to authors who are already active on social media and would like to grow their presence as part of their online branding. For details, please ask your Publishing Consultant.

Marketing Outreach Packages

We make sure your book gets noticed by helping you reach your target markets through a custom selection of the marketing campaigns listed below. Based on your marketing goals, areas of focus can include attracting an audience through speaking opportunities, garnering book reviews, developing a strong online presence, or engaging with your audience through events and relevant organizations.

We start with a consultation to revisit your marketing strategy, assess your priorities and determine where our efforts would be best directed. Together we select a combination of the services listed below based on your marketing budget and outreach goals.

Marketing Promotion Marketing Exposure
Book Backgrounder Social Media Startup
Press Release Website Upgrade (Basic → Advanced)
Advanced Reader Copy Author Mentorship
Social Media Advertising Campaign Indie Reader Review
Social Media Promotional Materials Author Spotlight (Podcast)
Book Signings and Events Materials Book Retailer Engagement
Award / Festival Submission Media Outreach
Speaker Engagement Preparation  

Children’s Book Marketing Outreach Packages

We make sure your book gets noticed by helping you reach your target markets through a custom selection of the marketing campaigns listed below. Based on your marketing goals, areas of focus can include preparation of materials and content for school visits, garnering relevant reviews, developing a strong online presence, or engaging with your audience through events and relevant organizations.

We start with a consultation to revisit your marketing strategy, assess your priorities and determine where our efforts would be best directed. Together we select a combination of the services listed below based on your marketing budget and outreach goals.

Marketing Promotion Marketing Exposure Marketing Engagement
Book Backgrounder Social Media Startup Teacher’s Guide (Advanced)
Activity Page Teacher’s Resource (Simple – Picture Books)  
Picture Book Promotional Materials Website Upgrade (Basic → Advanced)  
School Visits Materials Author Mentorship  
Children’s Book Award / Festival Submission Children’s Book Retailer Engagement  
Speaking Event Preparation School / Library Outreach  
Social Media Advertising Campaign Children’s Media Outreach  
  Author Spotlight (Podcast)  

Level 1 ($1000.00) 
Includes 1 “Marketing Promotion” service and 1 “Marketing Exposure” service mentioned above.

Level 2 ($2000.00) 
Includes 2 “Marketing Promotion” services and 2 “Marketing Exposure” services, OR 3 “Marketing Exposure” services mentioned above OR 2 “Marketing Promotion” and 1 “Marketing Engagement” Service.

Level 3 ($3000.00) 
Includes 2 “Marketing Promotion” services and 4 “Marketing Exposure” services mentioned above, OR 2 “Marketing Promotion,” 2 “Marketing Exposure” and 1 “Marketing Engagement” service.

Want to create a custom marketing package? Determine a budget, and you and your marketing consultant will decide how best to fill it with the services listed above.

Consulting Hours

You can purchase additional hours with the marketing consultant to address anything else you need help with. This could include social media setup and strategy, additional assistance with the website, help contacting bookstores, planning a launch event or book tour, preparing for interviews or simply brainstorming marketing ideas.

Additional hours can be purchased for $100/an hour.

For more information about getting publicity for your book project,request a free proposal using our form.

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