Basic Website ($650)

The basic website covers your bases with five pages that include your author bio, book synopsis, contact page, an additional custom page (such as a blog) plus your buy links and social media handles. This gives you a professional online presence, allows you to provide updates related to your book, provides a way for people to contact you, directs readers to online retailers where they can purchase your book and showcases your social media handles.

Advanced Website ($1250)

An advanced website takes it up another level with more layout options, more pages, additional content on each page, up to three features, a custom header, custom logo, and a second round of revisions. The sophisticated aesthetic and features of the advanced website elevate your author brand leaving readers with a lasting impression.

Here are some examples of each:
In both options, we’ll purchase the domain name, set up the website with pages about you and your book, choose a suitable design and host it for one year. Tellwell’s Basic and Advanced Website Features
Custom domain name

Web hosting for one year

with renewal options available for subsequent years

Theme options 5 7
Pages: 4-5 6-10
          About the book synopsis synopsis, excerpt & reviews
          About the author author bio author bio & Q&A
          Optional home page
          Custom pages
(blog, news, reviews, resources, events)
1 custom page up to 5 custom pages
Purchase links
Social media links
SSL certificate
Header image stock image or provided by the author custom image
Custom logo x


  • Goodreads widget
  • Newsletter sign-up
  • Image gallery
  • Social media feed
  • Google analytics
x up to 3 features
Revision rounds 1 2

Number of books

* Books must already be published

1 1-3
Please note that additional time for website updates or modifications can be purchased through your Marketing Consultant at an hourly rate of $100.00/hr.
We will contact the author within a month of the domain expiring to provide renewal options, which covers the renewal of the domain and hosting.
Renewal rates: 1 year ($95.00), 2 years ($180.00), 3 years ($250.00)