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Every day we are inspired by the authors who have thoughtfully selected Tellwell to guide them along the path to publishing their fiction, nonfiction, memoirs, and children's books. We are a team of passionate and talented publishing consultants, project managers, editors, illustrators, cover designers, and book marketers who offer a consultative approach to your unique publishing journey. Founded in 2015, we have worked alongside thousands of talented authors to publish over 4,000 books throughout Canada, the US, Australia, and Europe. We believe that each person an author reaches with their work is a success worth celebrating. We tirelessly strive to evolve our processes, services, and technologies to ensure our authors have the level of support they need to share their stories with the world. You have a story that deserves to be heard. We are here to help you tell it, and tell it well.


Tim Lindsay has two decades of experience in media and publishing. He founded Tellwell after realizing the book industry was broken. Writing a book is a labor of love for authors, and his mission is to make the publishing process enjoyable, informative and easy. Tellwell brings together a creative and talented team on each book, adding a personal approach so authors feel supported every step of the way. He founded Tellwell on the values of passion, teamwork, talent, honesty, and entrepreneurial spirit.

A letter from Tellwell's Founder & CEO:

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Writing a book is an emotional journey, often filled with moments of great inspiration and pits of doubt. The process can engage our imagination in new ways, filling our minds with unique characters, settings, and scenes as we work and rework each word, each sentence, into its final form. The stories we write can be deeply personal, and emotional. They may impart wisdom gained, lessons learned and be part of the legacy we leave behind.
The reward of this fulfilling and arduous experience is a tangible, solid book, that will be part of the collective fabric of stories. Our authors have described the moment they first held a copy in their hands as one of the most exhilarating, emotional, and rewarding experiences of their lives, a lifelong dream come true.
Some of the barriers that prevent writers from realizing their dream are: not having access to a qualified designer or editor; not knowing how to lay out their book's interior, or format the files correctly; confusion over market distribution; or simply not knowing how to get started at all, and feeling overwhelmed by the publishing system.
While the author is the star of any new book, at Tellwell we celebrate the importance of the rest of the publishing team in removing the barriers to your readers. We are a talented company of editors, illustrators, designers, book marketers and other publishing professionals who love what we do and care about quality. We hope you will find it comforting to have an experienced team on your side, simplifying a complex process into easy steps. At Tellwell, our purpose is to create a vibrant culture by helping people share their stories. We believe everyone has powerful stories to share, and by opening the doors to publication, we are contributing to a healthy, vibrant, and rich society. We know your story is worth sharing, and we will make it into the most polished, professional, and impactful book it can be. We hope to work with you to bring your dreams to life! Tim Lindsay Founder & CEO

Tim Lindsay

Founder & CEO
tim lindsay

Jason Farris has worked with creative and technical talent throughout his career, leading and growing organizations in a range of industries: software, online banking, sports and entertainment, and marine/electric vehicles. His passion for hockey led him to serve as the executive vice-president and chief operating officer for the Dallas Stars, as well as on the board of directors for the NHL team's foundation and alumni association. A creator at heart, Jason has produced seven books about the history, people, and process of building great hockey teams. He has been recognized for his self-publishing work with a lifetime achievement award from the Society for International Hockey Research. He serves on the board of the Hockey Hall of Fame.

Jason Farris

jason farris

Tellwell's team approach to self-publishing

Many people drastically underestimate the level of support, guidance, and talent required at each stage of publishing. A balance needs to be struck between letting the publishing talent shine and empowering the author to remain in control of their project.

Tellwell is the right fit for authors who:

  • Are educated about the pros and cons of each publishing option and choose to self-publish
  • Care about making a quality product and value the work of publishing talent
  • Are comfortable with the cost and risk involved in self-publishing
  • See that publishing is complex and value support and guidance through the process
  • Are technologically literate: capable of using a computer to share files, submit forms, and communicate by email
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    Why Tellwell's team approach to self-publishing is the best option for many authors:

  • A talented team improves quality: editors, designers, illustrators, and other publishing professionals
  • Guidance at each step through webinars, videos, phone calls, and printed guides with a designated project manager
  • Transparency: openness with authors about the process, pricing, royalties, and what is included in the scope of services, with clear terms and conditions that are fair to authors
  • Smart distribution: 85-100% net royalties, picking the best available print-on-demand and eBook sales channels
  • Robust client feedback systems to keep us on track and generate exceptional online reviews
  • Structure with flexibility: you aren't required to use all our services, just what you need for your unique publishing journey