If asked to describe Tellwell Talent in one word, I would say INTEGRITY. As a first time author, I sourced several publishing companies including Tellwell Talent before signing on with them. I was guarded and feared I would be taken advantage of. Hidden and undisclosed information could potentially translate to disappointment and shattered dreams. But with the team at Tellwell, dreams really do come true. My dream came true. Tellwell champions the aspirations of an author to succeed. When it comes to fairness, transparency, excellence and yes, an abundance of TALENT in publishing, Tellwell wrote the book.
Miriam Sansalone
Purpose High: Living with Autism
From the beginning, when I was first trying to figure out the basics of self publishing, Tellwell has been fantastic. They’ve got a great team and I’ve got to know many of them. The Tellwell editor who I worked with has been amazing – not just fixing my grammar, but giving me suggestions on plot and character development that have greatly improved my novel. They got me involved in Goodreads, set up a website for me and suggested some review services for self-published authors. As result of her ideas and initiatives, “The Librarian” received a 5/5 rating on IndieReader and was featured on The Huffington Post. It’s like having a business partner and it’s been rewarding and fun. So much so, that Tellwell is now editing my second novel “Songs for Lucy.”
Philip Wilson
The Librarian
Finding Tellwell was like magic. They were the only publisher that met my needs. The initial pricing was fair and reasonable and they never tried to up-sell the package. Every member of staff I spoke to from the CEO to my representative, showed genuine interest in my book, gave me excellent advice every step of the way. Every promise was kept from our initial discussion to timelines. And the cover, oh my goodness, I could not believe what an incredible job they did for the cover. I thought the designer had climbed into my head it was so much like what I had imagined it to be.
Susan Jennings
The Blue Pendant
I was completely happy with Tellwell. Communication was immediate, I worked with one person for the entire process, my tentative suggestions for design were acted on quickly and surpassed my expectations, and in all categories I would give these folks a ten-out-of-ten assessment.
Peter Peart
Becoming, A Novel
Tellwell achieves that difficult, but valuable combination of support necessary for writing a book, of personal but professional service. You never hesitate to ask questions because you think it trivial. They treat every question with dignity and intelligence thus making the passage through a difficult process easy and pleasurable. I wrote a commentary for Tellwell on the necessity of a good editor for a successful book so they could persuade others to use the service. I have worked with several editors over the years but Tellwell provided the best person to date.
Dr. Tim Ball
Human-Caused Global Warming
Taking a risk and choosing Tellwell Publishing was a great experience. The entire team…were all professional, prompt, and friendly. I never felt apprehensive when all communication was handled immediately. I am extremely pleased and…sales are now beginning to reflect the quality of their talent. Everything about the book was beyond my expectations. I love the completed book and am proud to see it on the shelf of neighbourhood bookstores. The marketing instructions were very helpful and there were many excellent ideas. The creating of the author website was professionally designed and easy to update. Having the website and using the marketing strategies have helped me move forward and enjoy promoting my book. I don't have anything negative to say about my experience using Tellwell Publishing.
Patricia Schiissler
God in My Life
It was a wonderful experience from start to finish. Communication was prompt, and the people were friendly and courteous. They were quick with their advice, and always ready to help. I couldn't have asked for better people to work with. I hope I have the opportunity to work with them again. They did a terrific job on the book cover design. I have had many compliments on the cover.
Mike Ellis
Guided Messages from the Other Side
As an aspiring author who has always dreamed of seeing her words in print, I can say that this has happened for real. Even if it is not in what I intended to publish, which can still happen, the thrill and joy of holding your first book is beyond words. I worked with a great team at Tellwell whom made this happen and their guidance along the way has been superb and professional. I plan to come back for more of the same!
Agnes Lobbezoo
Knook Your Socks Off
When I was looking for a way to publish my book, Profit Yourself Healthy for Small Business owners who want to Earn More and Worry Less, I came across Tellwell. The service and cover design were excellent. They walked me through the process each step of the way and that ensured that I worked in a timely fashion to get the book to print. Many people think about writing a book and having it published but never do it. By working with Tellwell, you are on track to do what many other people only dream of!
Dave Fuller
Profit Yourself Healthy
Tellwell was a wonderful fit for me. Their team of professionals made it enjoyable for me to self-publish my first Children's book. They were patient with my million and one questions regarding a process that was completely foreign. I have gained great insight and knowledge that's to Tellwell and this process of self-publishing. I am grateful to the whole team for their guidance and support! My Editor was amazing! I was taken through each step with much information and helpful suggestions. I couldn't have done it without my Editor. My overall experience far exceeded my expectations. Thanks Tellwell team!
Tina D'Alonzo
All For You